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October Newsletter



On September 30, 2020

wheat was $4.54 bu., corn was $3.84 bu. and millet was $22.00 cwt. We would like to remind you that your Co-op has changed our policy on buying grain. With the grain prices taking such big jumps and drops, we can no longer put your Co-op at risk by buying grain after the market is closed. If you are thinking about selling your grain in the elevator or contracting for delivery, you must call in to the elevator while the markets are trading. This is fair to both buyer and seller since the market can take a big jump or fall at the beginning of the day. We start buying grain at 8:00 a.m. and close at around 12:15 Mountain-time. If you don’t want to watch the markets, give us a price you have in mind and we will buy your grain if it reaches your goal.

We will soon be working diligently on our LP safety checks. One of our goals is to get caught up on this program, and we will. So if your system has not

been checked, it will be. In this program we inspect the

regulators to see that they are updated and the rest of the system is up to code. This is a very good program

to ensure your family’s safety.

We lost one stockholder last month, Bernie Fehringer of Sidney, NE (formerly of Peetz). We offer our condolences to his family. He will be missed.

Once again it is time to be thinking about the cold winter months ahead. If you think that you may need help with your heating bills, there is a program called LEAP that you may qualify for assistance. Check with us in the month of October. We will be receiving application forms from social services within the next couple of weeks. You really need to get a jump on this and get your application in early. If you qualify, you want to be one of the first on the list so that you receive your assistance sooner.

For all your feed grinding, mixing and delivery please contact Gary or Jason at 970-334-2341. We do make deliveries in all surrounding communities. With cornstalks here look into our protein and mineral tubs. This is a very easy and convenient way to feed. Check with Gary or Jason on any feed products we have available.

We do have an oil shuttle program that entitles you to a 120 gallon shuttle that is filled on a route and provides savings on your oil. The tanks and stand are at no cost to you. You do have to take 100 gallon of oil per year to qualify for this program. This is a very good program. Cenex will not fill just any container in fear of contamination, as they do warrant their product. You will appreciate the convenience of bulk oil for many reasons, especially the convenience that comes from no longer handling messy drums. If interested, please talk to me. We have also put in shuttles at our station, to reduce the price of oil.

When you schedule a service job on your vehicle, ask Jody and Brad to check your tires and brakes as this is simple to do while your vehicle is already on the rack. It can also save you money by not letting your brake pads get so worn out that it ruins the rotors. Keep in mind that we can get you almost any brand of tire there is. Stop and talk to Jody or Brad on this. This helps the whole community to shop local.

Sincerely yours,

Phillip M. Schumacher



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