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May Newsletter


The Peetz Farmers’ Coop Co has set June 17, 2021 at 6:30 PM at the Peetz Community Center for our 104th Annual Meeting. You must RSVP as soon as possible but no later than June 10, 2021 by calling our office at 970-334-2204.

I would like to congratulate all the area graduates and wish them good luck in the future and whatever they choose to do.


Peetz Farmers Co-op is seeking to fill two full-time office positions. Our employees get paid vacation, paid sick leave, Co-op Retirement Benefit Plan, 401K and health insurance. You can email your resume’ to or mail it to Peetz Farmers Co-op/Attention: Phil/ P O Box 189/Peetz, CO 80747. Applicants must have bookkeeping and computer experience.

On May 28, 2021 wheat was $5.60 bu., corn was $7.07 bu. and millet SUBJECT. New crop 2021 wheat is $5.60 and corn $5.41. Iliff cash corn is $7.07 and Iliff new crop corn is $5.46.

For all your feed grinding, mixing and delivery please contact Gary at 970-334-2341. We do make deliveries in all surrounding communities. With cattle in the pasture, come see us for your salt and mineral needs.

In the month of May we lost two stockholder and two patrons, Arden Miller of Lodgepole, NE, and Ken Amen of Iliff, Linda Brown of Peetz, and Jim Kester of Sterling. We extend our sympathy to their families and friends. They will be missed.

We do have an oil shuttle program. This is a program that entitles you to a 120 gallon shuttle that is filled on a route with savings on your oil. The tanks and stand are at no cost to you. You do have to take 100 gallon of oil per year to qualify for this program. This is a very good program. Cenex will not fill just any container in fear of contamination, as they do warrant their product. You will appreciate the convenience of bulk oil for many reasons, especially the convenience that comes from no longer handling messy drums. If interested talk to me on this. We are also putting in shuttles at our station, trying to reduce the price of oil.

When you schedule a service job on your vehicle, ask Jody or Brad to check your tires and brakes out for you. This is simple to do while your vehicle is already on the rack. It can also save you money not letting your brake pads get so worn out that it ruins the rotors. Keep in mind that Jody can get you almost any brand of tire there is. Stop and talk to Jody on this. This helps the whole community to shop local.

Are you buying the right diesel fuel? Ruby – Fieldmaster diesel fuel exceeds all standards for any make or model of diesel engines. The straight #2 diesel has had most of the sulfur taken out for pollution reasons. The Sulfur was the lubricant for your engine. Without this lubricant it can become very hard on the injectors, etc. Ruby – Fieldmaster has an additive package that contains this lubricant. It also gives you a higher cetane for quicker easier starts and will not gel the fuel as easily. Ruby – Fieldmaster costs three cents a gallon more than the straight #2 diesel. Money well invested. I have talked to patrons who tried both diesels and they claim they get more power and better miles per gallon from the Ruby – Fieldmaster diesel. This premium diesel can be purchased in either red off-road or clear on-road.

Have a good month of June.

Phillip M. Schumacher



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