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April Newsletter

From The Manager’s Desk

The Peetz Farmers Coop Co Annual meeting is set for June 17, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. at the Peetz Community Center. This will be our 104th Annual Meeting. There will be an election of one director. Please mark this event on your calendar and show support for your Coop. Please contact the Co-op or one of your Board of Directors if you are interested in running.

We will be closed on Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day. Have a safe holiday!

Last month we lost a stockholder and former employee, Pam Koester. Pam worked at the Co-op for almost 15 years.

We also lost a stockholder, Gayle Tilghman of Crook, CO. We extend our sympathy to their family and friends. They will both be missed.

For all your feed grinding, mixing and delivery please contact Gary at 970-334-2341. We do make deliveries in all surrounding communities. With pasture just around the corner, come see us for your salt and mineral needs. Check with Gary on any feed products we have available.

We will be mailing out our duty to warn for propane shortly. This year we will not be mailing contracts with these papers since the prices change daily. Phil is still hoping that the contract price will get lower than where it is currently. When you do decide to contract, call in and we can mail you out a contract. Keep in mind that you do not have to contract at all if you do not want to. We will deliver propane to you at the

current rack price.


We do have an oil shuttle program with a 120 gallon shuttle that is filled on a route with savings on your oil. The tanks and stand are at no cost to you. You do have to take 100 gallon of oil per year to qualify for this program. This is a very good program. Cenex will not fill just any container in fear of contamination, as they do warrant their product. You will appreciate the convenience of bulk oil for many reasons, especially the convenience that comes from no longer handling messy drums. If interested, talk to me on this. We have put in shuttles at our station, trying to reduce the price of oil.

Different implement dealerships have been trying to talk you in to purchasing their oil. They tell you Cenex oils will not do as good as their oils. These comments anger me because some of their sales people really do not know, they just want the sale. The answer you can give them is …… Cenex oils will do or exceed what the dealership oil will do. CJ-4 diesel engine oils, like Cenex oil has been accepted by the major engine builders as the most robust and best performing diesel oils ever. They are so robust that they did not have to change the performance for the next round of emission reduction engines. Cenex has had their Superlube TMS and Maxtron DEO emissions compliant CJ- engine oil in the market since late 2006. At this time a dealership was saying no, no, no, not in our engines. Now all of a sudden their Plus-50 II/CJ-4 oil is good for their engines and miraculously it is also good for older engines. You are a witnessing the dealership’s (not mentioning any names) marketing spin trying to catch up to Cenex who understands the value of CJ-4 performance a long time ago. Cenex CJ-4 DEO’s have had over 3 years of flawless, broad customer base, real world field experience not only in most types of diesel engines used in agriculture, over the road, and in construction. A certain dealership with not so much experience has just come out with their CJ-4 oil. By the way, Cenex has been successfully lubricating all engines for over 75 years.

Read dealerships literature carefully and don’t be fooled by the 500 hour oil drain hype. It’s up to 500 hour oil drains. If you follow the same set of rules for dealership’s filters and used oil analysis, a certain dealership says “review operator manual or consult with dealer for details on extended drains”) the Superlube TMS and Maxtron oil have the same potential for extended drains.

And last but not least, the Cenex diesel engine oils appear as licensed API CJ-4 oils, they also appear on the lists formally approved by many of the OEM engine builders. Access to the API license and OME approval list on Cenex oils what a certain dealership says about their oils ………. Carefully worded “major diesel engine manufacturers’ requirements” and then the litany of specifications. Nothing about “meets or approved”. To date, it is not API licensed and does not appear on any engine OEM approval list except their own. This would suggest that the oil is not all it is said to be. Tell your dealership that Cenex oils were designed to perform exceptionally in all of your diesel engines.

We continue to have the best warranty in the industry. Our warranty covers many tractor manufactures engines. We use the Cenex Superlube TMS and Maxtron DEO oils to support this warranty program. Don’t let dealership’s spin you off onto their programs. If you hear of any of this talk, let me know and I will help you with this.

When you schedule a service job on your vehicle, ask Jody or Brad to check your tires and brakes out for you. This is simple to do while your vehicle is already on the rack. It can also save you money not letting your brake pads get so worn out that it ruins the rotors. Keep in mind that Jody or Brad can get you almost any brand of tire there is. Stop and talk to the guys on this. This helps the whole community to shop locally.

Are you buying the right diesel fuel. Ruby – Fieldmaster diesel fuel exceeds all standards for any make or model of diesel engines. The straight #2 diesel has had most of the sulfur taken out for pollution reasons. The Sulfur was the lubricant for your engine. Without this lubricant it can become very hard on the injectors, etc. Ruby – Fieldmaster has an additive package that contains this lubricant. It also gives you a higher cetane for quicker easier starts and will not gel the fuel as easily. Ruby – Fieldmaster costs three cents a gallon more than the straight #2 diesel. Money well invested. I have talked to patrons who tried both diesels and they claim they get more power and better miles per gallon from the Ruby – Fieldmaster diesel. This premium diesel can be purchased in either red off-road or clear on-road.

What does Ruby – Fieldmaster do for you?

1) Improves fuel economy by as much as five percent

2) Increases power by up to 4.5 percent

3) Boosts fuel lubricity by 10 – 15 percent

4) Extends life of injectors/injector pumps

5) Lowers maintenance costs

6) Has a higher cetane level (typically 48)

7) Performs better in common-rail injector systems (2007 and newer engines)

If you want less downtime, put a better diesel fuel in the tank.

Closing grain prices for Friday, April 30th were cash wheat $6.39 cash corn $7.13/ Iliff $7.18 and millet $33.00. New crop wheat was $6.54, new crop corn is $5.59/Iliff $5.64.

Sincerely yours,

Phillip M. Schumacher





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