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August Newsletter


Wheat harvest is starting to wrap up. Yields were down. This year harvest is still in process. We have taken in 591,977 bushels of red wheat and shipped out 100,000 and took in 134,376 bushels of white wheat. The red wheat test weight averaged 60.8 lb. and protein averaged 10.7. White wheat averaged 60.2 pounds and protein 11.6. We took in 60% of the bushels we had last year. Other co-ops reported taking in 40% so we feel fortunate to have received what we did. We appreciated our new One-way system this harvest. Now all of our tickets are input at the scale with the computer printing our tickets. This has saved a lot of time for the girls not to have to key in tickets. I commend our employees for a job well done. I think for the most part harvest has gone well at the Coop.

This was our also our first harvest using the Bushel app for our patrons. Currently we have 40% of our grain patrons using this app. Our farmers were pleased to be able to see their tickets before the trucks were back in the field. This app shows what we are paying for wheat while the markets are still open, it shows what grain futures are trading at with a 10 minute delay. Farmers and landlords can see their tickets and a summary of how much wheat they have stored at the elevator. You can even download the app on your computer to see your tickets on a spreadsheet. If you do not have this app which is of no cost to you, contact Alisha at our office for help on getting you set up.

As of July 31 grain markets were, wheat $3.95 per bushel, Peetz corn $3.16 per bushel, Iliff corn $3.21 per bushel and millet $15.00. Peetz new crop 2020 corn at $3.12. Iliff new 2020 corn at $3.17.

A reminder in marketing your grain, you do have an option to defer your grain money until January and receive a grain premium. Once you do this, there will be no going back and taking your money this year. When you do the deferred, make sure that is what you want to do because we no longer will reverse that decision.

I want to say congratulations to all the youth who participated in the Cheyenne County Fair in Sidney, Nebraska the week of July 20TH. Good luck to all the youth who will be attending the Logan County Fair in Sterling, Colorado the week of August 3rd. Have a great time with whatever project you choose to do at the Fair.

In the month of July the Co-op lost a past board member, Gordon Vallier. Gordan served as our Board President for many years. We also lost a stock holder, Darlene Torrey. We will miss both of these patrons. Our sincere sympathy goes out to both of their families.


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