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July Newsletter


Thanks to all who supported us at our 103rd Annual Meeting. We served 37 stockholders at our meeting. I am hoping we can get back to normal by next annual meeting. Again a very good meal was served by N.P. Farms, LLC. Thanks to our loyal customers we had another good year. We had a local profit of $401,595 and a net profit of $1,408,159 after taxes. We will be sending checks out between November and December totaling $216,000 cash patronage to our shareholders). We also sent out checks in the amount of $83,872 to our shareholders 70 years of age

and older and any stockholders who have deferred equity earned in

2008. This was a good year for your Coop. I would like to thank all who showed up to our annual meeting. I appreciate the support.

At the Annual Meeting Jim Gardiner was re-elected to the board for a five-year term. Thank you, Jim, for your time and efforts. We appreciate you taking on another five years with us.

In June we lost six of our stockholders, Dianna L. Kurz, Kris Narjes, Leonard Rieken, and Andrew Hurt of Sidney, Mel Kokes of Crook, and Larry Segelke of Sterling. One of our customers, Kenneth V. McEndaffer of Stoneham also passed away. Our condolences go out to their friends and families.

On June 30, 2020 cash wheat was $3.83 bu., corn was $3.37 bu. and millet is 13.50

2020 corn was $3.36. Iliff cash corn was $3.42 and 2020 corn was $3.41. At this time we do not know what the protein bids will be. This will be determined as harvest approaches.

Just a reminder, wheat having rye, smut or bugs in the sample will be rejected.

We do have an oil shuttle program. This is a program that entitles you to a 120 gallon shuttle that is filled on a route with savings on your oil. The tanks and stand are at no cost to you. You do have to take 100 gallon of oil per year to qualify for this program. This is a very good program. Cenex will not fill just any container in fear of contamination, as they do warrant their product. You will appreciate the convenience of bulk oil for many reasons, especially the convenience that comes from no longer handling messy drums. If interested talk to me on this. We are also putting in shuttles at our station, trying to reduce the price of oil.

For all your feed grinding, mixing and delivery please contact Gary or Jason at 970-334-2341. We do make deliveries in all surrounding communities. With cattle in the

pasture, come see us for your salt and mineral needs.

Have a safe and plentiful harvest.

Phillip M. Schumacher



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